Nursery Rhymes for Class 1

Very recently, I have found this very interesting activity of writing rhymes and small poems for kids of smaller grades–primarily, because I have to find out something for my own daughter. However, it feels so fulfilling because usually these rhymes are small and are almost no-brainers, and therefore, easier to write as compared to poetry that I usually engage in writing.

I have tried writing some poems and small stories in the Hindi language also but my wife suggested that I should keep a mix of Hindi and English so that parents could use any.

Here is a small English rhyme that I wrote today, which I feel could be used by the 1st-grade students. Please feel free to leave any feedback or suggestions if you would like through the comment section.

English Rhyme for Class 1


Kitty Cat had a red hat

Ricky rat ran on the mat

Baloo bear was a little fat

He played Football, not with the bat

All were tired so they sat

Sang a song about this and that

After eating had a little chat

Felt sleepy so they lied flat




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