Nursery Rhymes for KG Class

Lately, I have been writing a few poems and short stories for my daughter who is in the 1st grade, which I think can be used by other parents as homework for their children. I am sharing them here on my website whenever I write them.

The main motive behind writing these poems and short stories is to address the issue of finding new rhymes and stories for kids when they are given some homework in the form of memorizing them and reciting them.

Hope some of them could be used for children who are looking for nursery rhymes for KG class.

Hindi Poem for Kids


मेरा छाता हरे रङ्ग का

बड़ा ही सुन्दर लगता था

बरखा से वो मुझे बचाता

और कभी ना थकता था




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