Short Poem On Nature In Hindi For Class 1

Hindi poem for kids

Well, this title itself describes the issue that a lot of parents face nowadays. I remember, during our early school-years, we never had such an issue. Whatever the teacher wanted us to do or perform, they would make us prepare on their own. But I don’t deny the fact that such activities where children have to recite poems, short stories etc. are good for their overall development.

While searching for suggestions of titles, I came across this long phrase “Short Poem On Nature In Hindi For Class 1”. I just wrote a short poem for this purpose only so that parents could use this poem for their children.

Feel free to shorten it or use it as a whole depending on the time that you have to prepare your child memorizing it. Also, if you would like to share any feedback or suggestion, please feel free to write through the comment section.

Poem for kids in Hindi


सूरज उगता जैसे ही

गाये मुर्गा वैसे ही


फूल खिले हैं चारों ओर

चिड़िया सङ्ग नाचे मोर


तितली कितनी सुन्दर है

पेड़ पे चढ़ा एक बन्दर है


माँ का खाना मुझे लुभाता

हो गई वर्षा लाओ छाता


दिन भर खेल खेलें हम

गर्मी सरदी झेलें हम


बच्चे हैं हम नटखट प्यारे

सबकी सुनते अच्छे हैं सारे




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