Dry Fruit Names in Hindi and English

Hindi Names of Dry Fruits

Getting to know the Hindi names of dry fruits is an interesting subject because due to popular English words used in day-to-day language, a lot of Hindi words are almost lost from the conversation. If you ask some schoolgoers, you may notice that many of them won’t be able to spell the Hindi names of dry fruits that are found commonly in households.

We are providing the Hindi names of traditional dry fruits. Feel free to ask if you have any questions or want to add any name of the dry fruit that you feel is left out.

English Hindi
Cashew काजू
Raisin द्राक्ष
Groundnut/Peanut मूँगफली
Almond बादाम
Walnut अखरोट
Date खजूर
Fig अञ्जीर
Apricot खुबानी
Betel Nut सुपारी
Cantaloupe Seed खरबूजे का बीज
Lotus Seeds Pop मखाना
Pistachio Soft पिस्ता
Pumpkin Seed कद्दू का बीज
Watermelon Seed तरबूज का बीज



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