English Poem–Rainbow of Time

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Time is a medicine. Along with ointment, bandage, and medical care, it takes time to heal the wound.

Time is a child’s eraser. As it passes over memories, it fades them into oblivion.

Time is a hard taskmaster. It takes hundreds of hours for the musician to perfect a single note.

In the eyes of the beloved, a promise of a lifetime is made in a split-second; but even a second of reparation of bad Karma is enough to make us curse the eternity.

Time is the biggest requirement. During an emergency, people are willing to spend everything to buy more time.

Time is the utmost luxury—the affluent ones have everything yet complain: “We don’t have time.” Yet, children playing in dirt and mud shout and scream: “We are having a great time!”

Time is multi-colored like a rainbow. It’s not only ‘good’ and ‘bad’!



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