English Poem–For the One Who will Never Read it

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I liquidated all my luck and pit it against the verdict—the verdict of living a life not shared with you.

When I had you in my life, it blossomed like a fresh start of a beautiful North Indian spring.

It breathed so joyously that the landscapes proximate to the Himalayas looked pale in comparison.

Every second passed in passionate expectation of a sensory perception—to see you; to listen to you or speak with you; perhaps, even touch you.

It felt as if I needed nothing else. A strange promise of fulfilment looked like a well-nigh reality.

But all this had a short span. The verdict stood against me. My luck ran out though my life continued. The lines of my palm have prophesized a long one.

Don’t feel the pain, O ye, who will never read it.

You have no obligation whatsoever.

You owe me nothing. Don’t even for a heartbeat let your heart sink in the sorrow that I spend my days with.

Now, traveling along different streams with new companions, we will never have the confluence on the way.



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