English Poem–A Land of Baffling Promises

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A land once raided and ruled by Macedonians, Iranians, Afghans, Kazakhs, Turks, Portuguese, French and the British, but was always under the supreme sovereignty of God.

A land where the military dies defending the land from external as well as internal foes, yet never ever attacked any nation.

A land where the Capital tops the list of the most polluted cities, but boasts of the best airport in its category.

A land where world’s highest peaks rest like meditating sages, while some of the deepest oceans border it like an island.

A land where hundreds of languages are spoken, yet love is the undercurrent of every sound that is made.

A land where natives find difficulty in understanding the different cultures, and foreigners find everything singularly unique.

A land where the skin color varies from whitish to wheaty and to the coastal dark, but every effort is made not to be superficial.

A land where mathematics runs in the veins of every child, yet no calculations of expenses incurred are made when hosting a guest.

A land that gave the first-ever book to the world, the concept of a university, astrology, Yoga, and the number system, yet never cared for patency.

A land that saw one of the deadliest wars in the history or the mythology that annihilated multiple generations, yet nestles one of the oldest civilizations.

A land that is an impossibility—it can’t be—yet the beauty lies in the fact that ‘it is’.

A land where every day brings a new challenge of survival, but every night is a soothing repose with a firm faith that ‘He will take care of everything’.

It’s to such a charismatic land that I call you, my friend. Welcome to India!



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