CD Review of In The Company Of Clouds by Erik Scott

What intrigues me in any instrumental music CD is the names of the songs that a composer or an artist chooses. What drives them to give words to the music or the feel behind a particular piece or a tune–what sensibility or tinge they feel when they listen to what they have created? Or is it the name of a song that gives birth to a particular tune or rhythm? Well, the magic lies in keep wondering and not decoding this creative process because then you can enjoy the infinite possibilities that a human mind can throw open.

This is what I felt when I heard this album. “Nine Lives,” “Seven Veils,” “Breathing Room,” “Open Door,” “Waves,” and “The Long View”–all of these names have a poetic resound, and the musical content they carry is a liquid joy.

Album Name: In The Company Of Clouds

Artist Name: Erik Scott

Total Time: 40:10

Admittedly, this was the first album that had such beautifully intricate ambient sounds. The subtlety is obvious! There is a definite message that every song carries and you can just float with it.

Remember the scene from movie King Kong when Ann admiring the breathtaking sunrise tells Kong that it is beautiful by placing her hand on her heart, or from spider-monkey scene from Twilight where Edward takes Bella atop a tree and they enjoy the placid view and you feel like it should never end? Well, this music has the power to carry you to those moments of solitudinous bliss.

My favorite track from this album is “Seven Veils”.

Track Name Duration
Nine Lives 04:35
Seven Veils 04:50
Women of Avalon 05:44
Breathing Room 05:34
Victory 04:50
Open Door 03:22
First Cup  02:47
Waves  04:15
The Long View 04:13



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