English Poem–Karmic Shame

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How thankful I am to this recurring pain that visits me every other second; I don’t have to spare a special time to contemplate on you.

It’s like having an alarm clock that wakes me up. Every other moment, I get a chance to connect to you; though I often waste it by focusing more on my problems.

It feels like it is only you who I need in my life, for, nobody else can understand or have an iota of what I am going through.

However, after learning that all this trouble was not new, and just the outcome of my own Karma, I feel ashamed.

Was I such a fool and a cunning person that I got such a severe retribution? Or is it the interest that has piled on the principal amount of my sin?

This Karmic shame has stalled my whole being. How can I approach you if I had been that sinful!

But then I consider it as the mud that I accumulated while treading difficult paths. It grew heavier and heavier as I kept collecting lumps of it.

Now, that I have received the spanking of your cleansing rod, I should feel refreshed and relieved. I should not be worried of what was but of what is.

I can now at least start my journey towards you!



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