English Poem–I Surrender my Camera

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Peeping through the viewfinder that offers multiple focus points, I want to capture a picture of yours.

I have many of them, but all the actualizations have some type of blemish. Sometimes, my focus is not sharp; sometimes, the alignment is not correct; sometimes, the image is dark due to incorrect shutter speed.

Should I use flash to throw light on the one who is more radiant than thousands of suns?

Or do you feel I should open the aperture a bit more to let the light fall on the lens of my heart appropriately?

I always felt comfortable shooting but I am struggling now. I don’t know how, but I feel confused and dazzled by so many options with which I can capture you.

I am inclined to stop manually adjusting my gear to get a good photo, and use the automatic mode.

It’s like I should surrender my camera to your will and let you operate it.

You are the manufacturer, O Lord!

You know what settings suit what conditions!

Tune the camera and take a selfie!



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