English Poem–I love You

In pain, I can never say ‘I love you’.

Yet, this is a feeling that I have whenever things go easy, my Lord. For everything that you do or choose in my life, I try to be happy and thankful about it.

The challenge is to do the same when I feel like a loser, and missing something in my life so desperately that my whole being seems to be out of sync.

True love or true feeling, for that matter, is tested on the anvil of sincerity. Happy times do not give the correct reflection of how well I have fared.

While in pain, I want to love you with the same intensity as I do when you make me happy with a bounty of your gifts.

Till now, I have failed miserably. But you please don’t stop. Keep planting troubles in my path so that I have ample opportunities to test my love. Once I pass the test, only then you reveal yourself in all your glory without any reservation.



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