English Poem–Contemplation

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My activity is my meditation. Every movement of my limbs is like a prayer that I offer to you. Sitting in my dance suite with my head tucked in my legs, I contemplate on you, my Lord.

What’s it that can make me worthy of you!

When I was a baby, I was excited to know about everything. My fumbling but refreshing steps found joy in every object that you have created.

Now that I am able to move forward with conviction, I am not sure which way leads to you. Confusion and doubt have replaced the excitement of the childlike curiosity. My dance is refined but it is not fulfilling.

The music does not give me a cue which foot to move first.

But there is this inner call that vibrates with an unknown rhythm. It seems to set my whole body in a strange mood. It feels as if I am floating in the air.

The flow of my body is slow yet assured, and it feels as if my being has known the steps since ages. This unknown dance-form is filled with so much joy that I am forgetting all thoughts. It is like I am merging in it.

I feel you are here, my Lord!



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