English Poem–My Life is a Dragon

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I had been a dragon-slayer in my previous births. God decided to give me another shot, and I took birth facing the challenges of the dragon called ‘life’.

This dragon is huge and unpredictable. I even don’t know what powers or limitations it possesses. But sometimes, I marvel at the beauty of this uncertainty—it reminds me of God’s ways.

Unfathomable sounds like a correct appellation if I give free rein to my imagination about its complexity. Like God or love, it is indescribable.

With its treacherous fangs and fire-spitting breath, it tries to condition every thought, every movement of mine. With its stubborn claws and prickly tail, it cuts me every now and then.

I, sort of, have to live it somehow.

And then, a fresh wave of Yoga disturbs me from my continuous fight. I realize the Kundalini aspects of these flying reptiles, that if I concentrate, I will be able to uncoil the energy that lies within. Thus, I succeed in loosening the grip a bit and am able to breathe with observed regulation.

The dragon grows old with me and its abilities diminish. Time seems to be the Overlord of our existence.

I don’t have to kill this dragon. I have to become a dragon-rider this time. And when the dragon and the rider are in sync, the vision becomes clear, and so does the goal.

So, I have chosen to live with this dragon.



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