English Poem–Little Joys of Childhood

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That unchecked greed of eating soiled fruits fallen on the ground, and believing that somebody once jumped from the moon on earth, unhurt.

That playing with unvaccinated street puppies, and oblivious of anything called Rabies.

That crouching in front of the home-made earthen stove waiting for the bathing water to boil, and eating grapes bought from a nearby plantation while swimming in the village ponds.

That sting of the bee, of the wasp, and of many unknown worms, and playing hockey with indigenous sticks made of a mulberry tree, and balls made of polythene with a core of concrete.

That adventurous climbing on eucalyptus trees without any life-rope, and the bleeding knee staining the white pajamas after falling from the bicycle.

That fear of cats howling and fighting atop the kitchen roof, and pleading with mommy to accompany to the bathroom at midnight.

That seasonal dental check-up accomplished by peeling the bark of the sugarcane, and racing towards dear grandpa to get money for a kite.

I had it all as a child living in a country-side village.

Now that I am grown up; have studied Physics and engineering, all I want to do is devise a way to time-travel and go back.



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