English Poem–I was Dumb, Yesterday

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This line looks so perfect that I can repeat it almost daily.

So, let me begin: yes, I was dumb, yesterday.

I always had high hopes and felt that I had a star in me. Yet, I always get proven wrong at some point of time on a daily basis.

Today I feel clever because I taught myself some lessons the other day. I am not sure if I will improve my behavior from whatever I was. But today, I know where I was wrong.

This has been going on a daily basis since I started observing myself. Instead of a continuous struggle, life is a continuous learning process. But what will be achieved after I finish this course? Surely, death can’t be my graduation certificate.

I certainly can’t assert that I was always dumb. The day I die, I must be free and fully realized.

If not, then as it happens with any failed student, I will have to reappear.



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