English Poem–I Have a Fight!

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I am a fighter. Yes, I am, and this conclusion is not a hurried one. I have found this dominating trait of my persona after spending thirty-one extremities of the humid subtropical climate.

I fight with everybody, everything, all the time.

In the office, I fight with the expectations and responsibilities that are levied upon me by my company, my seniors, and my colleagues. In my house, I fight with my duties and obligations.

On road, I fight with the probability of an accident; while sitting quietly, I fight with hindrances that keep me away from visiting far-off places.

Working, I fight to find ways to be free; while idling, I fight to find newer ways of enjoyment.

In success, I fight with my ego that is prone to inflation; during failure, I fight to find an encouraging ground.

Awake, I fight with my body that is looking for rest; while asleep, I fight with my dreams.

Who said I have a life?

I have a fight!



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