English Poem–You, not me

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To be blessed with grace, the need of self-surrender is a must.

But tell me, O heart! Is there any self that you have the authority to surrender?

When everything already belongs to you, my Lord, then who am I to surrender or not to!

The self that you ask me to surrender is already yours and I have no authority to offer it or to keep it away.

When the workman forges some metal piece, he may look at it with a smile or frown at it

—the part has no right to say anything, whatsoever.

If you find this part worthy of your love’s stamp, brand it and use it, and if not, you can either discard or mould again.

You have to decide what you want to do, and there will be no resistance.

But let me make a point:

It is better to be an ugly one and being thrown away; it is terrible and unbearable to be near and still out of notice.

Discard if you don’t like, but keep not quiet!



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