English Poem–Who are you!

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In those pulverizing moments when no one cares to sit beside you, for, you are illogical, who would you seek for?

When each and every thing, object, agreement, coherence comes only when you lose interest in it, who would you seek for?

If you come to realize that there could be nobody who could simply live for you, who would you seek for?

Assuming this ‘you’ to be ‘me’, I scribble down what I seek:

In those realms of endless and pitch-dark angular paths, I feel a piercing and beaming light.

At the giddying heights of those snow-decked mountains, I feel a comforting warmth that engulfs my being.

Ambling around the lonely corridors, I feel a presence of constant companionship.

Who are you!

What is this overpowering right that you have over me!

Why I feel that I am with my mother when I sense you gazing at me!

Why my being wants to sleep in that lap forever!

Who are you!



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