English Poem–Who am I

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A very strange kind of feeling is setting up in my body. I feel like a stranger inside me.

When I sit motionless, something inside me feels like dancing vigorously.

When I move around, I feel like I am sitting still and everything else is dynamic—as if I am watching a movie.

I feel a very unusual type of peace that I have never known—it is not establishing but it is not evasive either.

Though analytically life seems rocked and chaotic, still something inside mumbles that everything is in the divine order.

Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion seems to be inapplicable—there is no action and therefore no reaction either!

Though I am undergoing and undertaking all necessary routine activities, yet vast amount of static energy seems to be building up inside.

My mind is losing the capacity to analyze.

The only thing I feel is that I am losing my own self—A self that wanted to act, react, do, abstain, smile, laugh, cry, imagine, think, plan, execute, expect, accept, mourn, pray, want, wish, create, forget, repent, agree, beg, feel and what not.

The ‘verb’ of my being’s grammar is giving way to something pretty unknown, and to a somewhat confusing semantic.

There seems to be some dryness inside, yet a bleak wetness of something unknown is playing hide-and-seek.

A tantalizing sense of bliss is covering itself under the sheath of an assured doubt.

I feel a vacuum inside that has no sucking force. It is like everything is reversed but still orderly.

The only question that keeps ringing in my ear is: ‘Who am I’!



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