English Poem–The sea

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(Inspired by a song of Diane Arkenstone)

The sea is encompassing, yet, tightly secured for the still-unexplored aquatic kingdom that hides the untold mysteries beyond the ken of human understanding.

It seems God keeps the treasures and secret-meetings with Mâyâ beneath the turbulence of water-surface where a gentle calm floats all around.

Like a hidden but deeply-engrossed-in-experimentation laboratory where chemicals, apparatus, weird-looking creatures throng in an unpredictable manner, the sea allows everything to come and enjoy the vastness.

Sea is God.

For it offers everything it has. It receives everything without any complaint. It is unaffected and does not react. It is.

Then, there is a sea inside me—it is unexplored even at its boundaries.

The deeper I go in it, the wider it becomes.

The more I move into the realm of its being, the more I lose the consciousness of this body and mind, and become nothing or everything.

The elements of the nature stop existing and there is a vast vacuum of nothingness.

Yet, there is a sea-full of bliss which has no start-end. It is constant, continuous and unaltered.

It simply is and does not depend upon anything.

The sea inside me is my reality—it brings me tête-à-tête with my own self.



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