English Poem–The river of creation

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(Inspired by a song of Diane Arkenstone)

Ridden and laden with deep stillness, the river of creation hides the agitation within its bosom.

The influx and efflux of what is called material have the source that comprises a vibrant void.

The processes of evolution and dissolution occur within the precincts of a boundless arena.

To come to know how it happens, it is necessary to be within, though there is nothing that can exist without.

The river of creation assumes a ravaging mood, but then takes utmost care to preserve its content.

It flows yet encompasses everything.

It is all automatic, self-fulfilling and self-sustaining—no force, no power, and no energy is required to initiate the work that is continuous, timeless, and endless.

What is cognizable is limited; the infinite envelopes everything and cannot be served in the bowl of reason.

Deep beneath the turbulent current of process lies the establishing hush that wipes out every thought, stimulus, reaction, and curiosity to know—it brings the soothing wisdom that enables the self to recognize the Self.

All that was, and permeates the present and future aspects of action stands unmoved at this point, though keeps itself busy in the process.

At the center point of this formless entity, a unique, unalloyed and unperturbed peace rests on the gentle movement of the fluid…

It is unaltered, unaffected and untarnished by any characteristic. It is and it remains…



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