English Poem–Saturn calling

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(Inspired by a song of Jeff Oster)

I march towards the Saturn who calls me from a distance with an enchanting sound.

It sounds to my ears a call from my native place. It is deep, original, intriguing and curiosity-awakening.

The density of this sound covers everything that my ears can hear.

It is all-powerful and seems to clutch my being into a wavelength that is unearthly. It is ethereal.

Sitting on a mat in a small room before a life-size photograph of my God, I contemplate on my being while this sound carries me on wings to an inward journey.

The flight is fluid, placid, and floating.

With all other sounds almost blocked from my being, I am able to hear the hush that pervades the presence.

I feel standing before my Overself, silently communicating the yearnings of my heart.

The tryst is completely soundless but every unspoken word resonates with a vibrant energy.

This is something that fills my inner being with a strange kind of bliss, which feels unsatiated.

It wants to undertake this flight again and again. My whole being pines to immerse itself completely in this experience and forget the earthly existence.

It is my flight to the inner Saturn where I meet my Self. It is unstoppable.



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