English Poem–Journey of life

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Traveling to the National Capital in the State-run roadways-bus, I sit at the last window-seat adjacent to the exit gate.

The journey spreads beyond 300 Km, wading through many towns, cities, and the countryside.

Somewhere, a Myna sits on the high-voltage tower, standing unmoved, carrying the load of electricity through fields and lands.

The sky is deep, ridden with smoke that comes from the wheat-fields that are set afire after being robbed of the precious berries with combine harvesters.

The scorching heat of Northern plains that appeared determined to break all the existing records seems pacified by the absorbing cover of clouds.

Some children dive and splash in a small aquatic channel that runs underneath the road towards the villages.

Vehicles whizz-by and speed fast on the track that looks taking you to some unknown destination, while a bullock cart keeps its persistent movement along the side-track where sand meets the tar.

Oblivious to the effort or attention that the driver has to put in while driving, I enjoy my travel.

I am totally, surprisingly, and blissfully unconcerned about how the bus is making its way on the road.

All I have to do is to sit, contemplate, relax or perhaps doze off whenever I feel like.

Suddenly, I feel an urge to compare this journey with the journey of life.

I have heard of a term called surrender where the demand of ‘let go and let God’ is continuous and uncompromising.

Like I surrendered my bus-travel in the hands of that government-hired driver, I must surrender the journey of life to God.

I have to buy a ticket and ride the bus—I will be delivered at my destination without any troubles on my part: A ticket to make sure that I do not harm others, and to ride the bus to make sure that I am active and not a road-block for others.

The obligation of making me arrive at my destination lies with the Driver.

What a pleasant surprise—all the while, God was waiting for me to board the bus.

And look at me: I kept putting all my efforts in making sure I understand the GPS route-maps; know how to drive a 4-wheeler; and plan my budget to own all these gadgets and machines!



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