English Poem–I like this movie

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On the familiar trek/track beside the dried canal that spreads around three Kilometer, I ride my unclean mobike with a speed of 20 kmph.

The time is of the twilight and the birds have returned to their nests.

The woods on the right-side look still, pale-dark, and contemplating on an unheard song.

On a tree that has been robbed of all its foliage, and leans its branches over the canal, a monkey sits singularly, away from its flock that eat and enjoy and make merry.

The cawing of thousands of crows fills the air with a creepy feeling, yet a distant percussive sound of a solo Greater-Coucal reminds me of the old cheerful days when their morning madrigal filled the air with agitating expectation.

I happen to remember every single detail of my life since childhood and can recall how I got up early at four of clock and came here to run and keep myself fit.

My Lord, during all these years, I have gone through countless jiffies of supreme agitation, pure joy and excruciating pain.

However, I still stand erect, in my full senses, and still remembering everything with delight.

After undergoing all these varied experiences of dichotomous qualities, I still feel composed and able to feel you.

A strange kind of feeling of being only a witness has just crawled into my being.

I feel like watching a movie where I am experiencing everything but can still choose to be unaffected.

Like that Pamchenko move of ice-skating, you undulate me and then throw me, but receive me with such caring and strong arms and I return to you unharmed.

The moves you perform are really breath-taking by all means.

Like an overhauled instrument that has been purged of all the old-oil, I report in your Divine Presence of this great Cinema Hall and await your command.

Though I am still not established in being a witness to my own mind, but I have begun to like this movie.

The only prayer that I have to submit is: Let this feeling end in this conviction

Nâhaṁ Kartâ, Nâhaṁ Bhartâ, Nâhaṁ Bhoktâ, Ahaṁ Kevlaṁ Draṣṭâ… (I am not the doer, not the provider, not the enjoyer—I am just the witness)



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