English Poem–I am

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While I sit dormant and lethargically avoiding any activity, I feel everything inside me dancing like a refreshed athlete.

When I travel in a 3-wheeler where around thirteen people are huddled like broiler chickens, I feel everything inside me flying with the speed of sound.

When I sit inside my dark chamber trembling with each rumble of the thunder, I feel everything inside me counting the beats of Pakhâwaj.

While in the hustling crowd, I feel supremely calm; when walking alone on a long deserted road, I feel a presence of eternal companionship.

When I hear the overture through my worn-out headphones, I feel like standing in the middle of a large chapel somewhere in Europe and enjoying the unheard sound.

When I try to clench everything with my fist, I feel a force pressurizing me from all corners; when I ‘let go and let God’, I feel everything happening automatically with almost negligible effort from my side.

While everything else seems deeply engrossed in something crucial, significant and interesting, I feel observing everything yet unconcerned.

I am not able to name this state as ‘blissful’ but, perhaps, a tunnel that seems forsaken yet promising; lonely yet full of expectation; excruciatingly demanding yet calm.

I am…



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