How to Say What in Hindi

Learning any language requires understanding the context in which the words are used because sometimes same words express different meanings under different conditions. The mantra lies in understanding the usage through live situations. I always advocate that ideal language learning comes from living in that particular culture and understanding the nuances of usage of that language through first-hand experience.

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Hindi, like any other language, has many words that can be used to mean differently. Learning how to say what in Hindi language is quite easy because there are hardly any complications in the usage of this word. It can be used to question something or to express surprise. In both the cases, the Hindi expression for this word would remain the same. However, you will have to use this word using different expression of your face so that you could convey the real meaning under that condition.

The below example will enunciate both types of usage of this word:

Imagine you are at a mobile store and want to check some newly arrived phones.

You will ask the salesman: ‘What is the price of this phone?’

Suppose the salesman answers: “This is the best phone under 20000.”

Now, if you are surprised at the answer, you will exclaim: “What!”

How to say What in Hindi

In both these cases, the Hindi expression of क्या would be used but your facial expression will change, which will establish the context of the usage. You may be surprised because the phone is not worth of 20000 or you may be surprised that it is cheaper compared to other sets which have also same features.

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