How Do You Say Happy Valentine Day in Hindi

There are many days, occasions, and celebrations that are observed throughout the world, but many of them originated in one particular region or country. Often, it becomes difficult to translate the names of meanings of these celebrations in local languages.

India, being one of the most multi-cultured and diverse countries, celebrates many such events. Valentine’s Day is one of them. However, there are many people and groups that feel that the modern theme of this day does not align with the social values of India, and therefore this day should not be observed or celebrated. Many incidents have been reported in various states of India where even police questioned unmarried couples who were celebrating this day.

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However, there are many parts of India where it is celebrated with gifts and parties. Though the original theme of this day is lost, the celebration goes on in the name of courting, and unmarried couples coming together—for some, it may be a day of proposing for marriage etc. For married couples, this day marks the celebration of rekindling their love and taking time out of their busy schedule to celebrate each other’s company. Valentines day wishes are also expressed by exchanging gifts.

So, if you are trying to learn how to say happy Valentines Day in Hindi, you will need to use the word Valentine as such in Hindi. The rest of congratulation can be translated in Hindi language.

How do you say happy valentine's day in Hindi

As I had mentioned earlier, you will not make a literal sense of this expression but only contextual. However, I would be remiss if I don’t mention that if you are celebrating Valentine’ Day, you will hardly find anybody saying it in Hindi or the regional languages. The penetration of English is deep enough and people like to use the original English expression as such.

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