What is gold called in Sanskrit

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Gold is a precious metal and throughout the world, it is used for adoration, decoration and jewelery items. Indian history is replete with stories around gold being the cause of many wars, and fights, etc. It is believed that the Lanka that Ravana got through boon from Lord Shiva was made of gold.

Almost all the deities in Indian mythology are adorned with gold ornaments, and the affinity of Indian populace with gold is well-known through the world. Often people say that if Indian lose a bit of their charm for gold, their economy may soar further.

Anyway, in this post, we bring you 48 names of gold in Sanskrit that you can use.

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English Sanskrit Transliteration
Gold सुवर्णम् Suvarṇam
Gold स्वर्णम् Svarṇam
Gold कनकम् Kanakam
Gold काञ्चनम् Kāñcanam
Gold हिरण्यम् Hiraṇyam
Gold हेम Hema
Gold हेमम् Hemam
Gold रुकाम् Rukām
Gold रुग्मम् Rugmam
Gold भर्म Bharma
Gold भर्मम् Bharmam
Gold जातरूपम् Jātarūpamam
Gold जाम्बूनदम् Jāmbūnadam
Gold शातकुम्भम् Śātakumbham
Gold शतकुम्भः Śatkumbham
Gold शातकौम्भम् Śātakaumbham
Gold चामीकरम् Cāmīkaram
Gold निष्कम् Niṣkam
Gold हाटकम् Hāṭakam
Gold हिरणम् Hiraṇam
Gold तपनीयम् Tapanīyam
Gold महारजतम् Mahārajatam
Gold कलधौतम् Kaladhautam
Gold कलधूतम् Kaladhūtam
Gold कार्त्तस्वरम् Kārttasvaram
Gold अष्टापदः Aṣṭāpadaḥ
Gold अष्टापदम् Aṣṭāpadam
Gold कर्बुरम् Karburam
Gold कर्बूरम् Karbūram
Gold गाङ्गेयम् Gāṅgeyam
Gold गौरम् Gauram
Gold दीप्तम् Dīptam
Gold भास्करम् Bhāskaram
Gold तेजस् Tejas
Gold शतखाण्डम् Śatkhāṇḍam
Gold महाधातुः Mahādhātuḥ
Gold सौमेरुकम् Saumerukam
Gold लोहोत्तमम् Lohottamam
Gold सुरार्हम् Surārham
Gold दाक्षायणम् Dākṣāyaṇam
Gold सानसिः Sānasiḥ
Gold पुरटम् Puraṭam
Gold पुरुदम् Purudam
Gold वह्निवीजम् Vahnivījam
Gold अकुप्पम् Akuppam
Gold मृदुव्नकम् Mṛduvnakam
Gold जाम्बवम् Jāmbavam
Gold पिञ्ञानम् Piññānam



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