What are Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Ironman, Antman and Superwoman called in Sanskrit

Sanskrit is a fascinating language, no doubt. A lot of effort has been and is being made to popularize it with the young generation by translating and producing content and material that is related to the contemporary issues and themes. Sanskrit jokes, comics, plays and even animation movies are being produced.

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With the help of social media, such content receives many eyeballs and hopefully many youngsters get attracted to this language. Well, I have tried to pitch in and give it a shot. I am not a Sanskrit scholar or even a learned one, but I love this language. I keep digging my hands and whatever possible I could find and do, I use it and share it with others.

Some Recommended books for studying Sanskrit:

Have you thought of the Sanskrit names of many of the Marvel characters that we keep seeing in comics and movies? Children, adults and even old generation seems to be enchanted by the world that these characters take us into. Today, out of the blue, I thought of cooking up Sanskrit names for these characters.

I gave it a try and here is the result.

English Sanskrit Transliteration
Antman पिपीलिका मानव Pipīlikā Mānava
Batman जतुका मानव Jatukā Mānava
Ironman लोहो मानव Loho Mānava

(Visarga joining rules applied in this name)

Spiderman लूतिका मानव Lūtikā Mānava
Superman अतिमानुष Atimānuṣa
Superwoman अतिमानुषी Atimānuṣī

If you would like to contribute to these names or provide you feedback, please feel free to write to me through the comment section.



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