What is computer called in Sanskrit

It is very interesting to know and find out what is computer called in Sanskrit. From simply being a machine that computes, the modern version of a computer has integrated itself into human life in more than one ways. It is almost indispensable in today’s life and there are many functionalities that are performed with the help of a computer to aid human life in general.

The Sanskrit names of a computer are more related to the literal sense of the term. They are more related to the ‘compute’ part of the name. However, it matters a little because ‘what’s in the name!’.

The name given in Sanskrit for a computer can be applied to any of the modern computers though it may be performing multiple tasks.

Here are the six names that you can find in dictionaries:

English Sanskrit Transliteration
Computer गणकः Gaṇakaḥ
Computer विगणकः Vigaṇakaḥ
Computer गुणकः Guṇakaḥ
Computer गुणकारः Guṇakāraḥ
Computer संख्याता Saṁkhyātā
Computer संख्यातृ Saṁkhyātṛ

I have given the transliteration to facilitate reading and understanding the sound production of the words.

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