English Poem–Desire for ephemeral things

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The fishes that long for the outer world and dare to come to the surface of the sea are thrown on the banks.

The sea abandons them and the fishes suffer the agony of the separation, and finally, die.

I also craved for these things and as per the rule, have been thrown out of the ocean of mercy. Now, there is no one who can save me from the scorching sun, from the heart-wrenching agony of separation, and, from my death without fulfilling the purpose of this human birth.

I curse that desire which made me to forget the empire, of which I was a part, and chose to have something unworthy.

Only the unbounded mercy of my Lord can call me back: The waves that call some of the fishes back and let them regain the citizenship of that aquatic kingdom. May I also be called back and allowed to revel in that otherworldly bliss.



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