English Poem–Conviction

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They say I have come from the other world, where I once was one with you.

Now, you sent me in this world and I wanted to return, to get you, though in some other form.

But some say it is waste to love the things of this world, when anyhow you will have to leave this place.

I did not understand that you are somewhere else—but is it really so? I am confused even now.

You separated me and I never complained, but now that I want you, is it fair to keep quiet like that?

I may be wrong in my notion that it’s I that want you and perhaps you may be longing more for me.

But this is where the difference lies: You separated me because of my fault; I want you back with a wrong perception that you are here in this world—It is my fault; and I failed to get you back—still, my fault!

Salute and reverence to you, my Lord! You helped me to concrete my conviction that you are always right!



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