English Poem–Being the un-being

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Your longing starts a sort of acidic reaction in the chemicals of my body.

My mind wants to cross-over the threshold of nothingness and join the vastness.

My whole being seems to be standing at the cliff ready to dive deep into your bliss…

Ah, what a state of perpetual love I experience when I contemplate for a second on you, my Lord.

When I close my eyes, my whole being seems to be pulled inside by you like the nucleus that binds the content of an atom.

My thoughts try to touch you running hither and thither like the hurricane that seems engulfing everything yet knows not its destination.

My body longs for the joy of dance that dissolves the sense of consciousness.

I spend my time wondering about ‘what and how’ to make you come before my eyes and smile at me; I fail to notice that you smile through all lips.

Lord, this real illusion has tormented me for long and the agony of my heart is getting unbearable

—Let me know you inside me and feel the bliss of your consciousness.



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