English Poem–Shiva grove

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(Inspired by a song of Shambhu Vineberg)

The dark forest around my being is impassable—it is thick, dense and full of elusive paths that are extremely difficult to locate.

It seems, for eons, I am mired in this place struggling hard for my release. The trial appears to be unending.

Disconnecting my mind from the external stimuli, I try to concentrate within.

Like an elephant, who clears the path of forest-travelers with its stamping feet, Ganesha, the son of Shiva, leads me onto an inward journey.

His gait is majestic, assured and faith-instilling. It seems he enjoys helping the beings to cross over the woods of confusion and ephemeral existence.

Once done, this inward journey brings me to the gates of a grove—Shiva seems to be permeating this place, as the whole content of my being is pulsating with the sense of being in touch with something auspicious.

This woodlet is serene, filled with refreshed air.

The strokes of this dancing air seems to be caressing the curls of Shiva, who is untouched and unreached by thought and word, yet succumbs to the piteous cries of beings, desperately pining for his benedictory glance.

There is no one, yet I feel someone watching over me with welcoming eyes, as if I was long expected.

I am at loss of words…what is it? A dream that even can’t be visualized in dreams and can’t be figured out in wildest of fantasies?

What is this singular and most authentic state that seems to be binding me all over? Is it? Is it the one that we call ‘the eternal home’?



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