English Poem–Tag of Rejection

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I had been an adventurous person and undertook many tasks for sheer fun, and with your name on my lips, my Lord.

But now, when I am at the prime of my youth and bubbling to go for this and that, your quiet rejection has caused a major setback in my confidence. Now, I fear trying even a trifle of work.

It is like all the spirit and passion leaked out of me, like air does from a balloon when pricked by a nail.

You have no right to disown me, Mother! How many wrongs I might have committed, you cannot keep yourself away from me. You have to speak to me and correct my faults and make me worthy of your same doting-motherliness.

I can live without any work, though it is hard for an adventurous person like me, but not bearing a tag of rejection of your love.



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