English Poem–Magical Forest

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(Inspired by a song of David Arkenstone)

Sauntering into the deeper realms of the forest, I hear a celestial music that sets my feet to an unknown rhythm.

The air is still, and there is a certain expectancy of somebody approaching me.

The slightest movement of leaves sends a thrill of joy into my heart, but the dwelling raccoons are oblivious of who I await.

These magical woods hide deep secrets in their bosom and unfold only when the forest-fairies deign on somebody.

Today, perhaps, is my turn.

The air has grown dense—it seems the area has been engulfed by something. I feel a sudden shudder beneath my spine and lo, I have been awarded the vision.

I see the golden light emanating from the most beautiful creature that my eyes have beholden till now.

The fairy shines like a star, yet her eyes are full of energy throwing a comforting glance on me. She is smiling as if she wanted to meet me and convey something that she feels hard to hold. She speaks to me in the softest voice that ever fell on my ear-drums. Her words are endearing and bring a message.

It is from my Master. He has commanded the fairy to give me hope and tranquillity. My being has suffered much, but perhaps it is not ripe to bathe in the immediate purifying presence of my Lord.

As she bids farewell, it seems she is reluctant. She wants to take me with her but my Master has not commanded her yet.

I smile and wave to her and promise that I will meet her again in the divine presence of our Lord.

The words have grown dark again. The golden light has faded with the departure of the fairy yet there is a rekindled hope in my heart about the mergence.

The magical forest has unfolded its treasure and laid it before me—I feel a renewed energy running through my being.



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