English Poem–Key of my efforts

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The life is a lock and my efforts are the key: If I revolve the key to the left—towards the worldly allurements—my life is locked altogether.

If I turn it right—towards your love, my Lord—I am released from the bonds of birth and death, and am free to be with you always.

But the key of my efforts has come right up to the middle, and I am finding it impossible to move either way!

The pull of your love is eternal and it will not recede.

But, you know, the attraction of this world is also very powerful, for, it is also created by you, my Lord.

I know that it possesses at least some powers of yours.

So where should I go? Whom should I tell my plight other than you?

You have to decide, which way you want to turn the key.

I leave all my efforts and prayers unto you to work out, and grant the grace as you feel appropriate.



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