Three Cheers for Union Budget-2016

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Nikhil Singhal, Managing Partnerr, 33 Vogue EntertainmentBy Nikhil Singhal, Managing Partner, 33 Vogue Entertainment


With its significant focus on real estate, infrastructure, industrial development and rural India, definitely the Budget-2016 is a harbinger of good times ahead.

There is plenty to cheer in this revolutionary budget which has boosted the morale of rural India where the country’s soul lies. As being clearly reflected in this budget the government has tried to strengthen the lifestyle of the poorest of the poor population, who despite all difficulties relish their life in villages with great pride and satisfaction.

With the government’s path-breaking provisions of providing enhance connectivity with the help of highways and moreover, with strong impetus on electrification of all the villages of the country this budget will ultimately lead us towards more progress, growth and satisfaction of the largest population of our country—’the farmers’, who work tirelessly, earn meagerly, but have the capacity to feed millions of bellies.

I believe, more satisfied rural India will boost the confidence of the whole country with simultaneously fuelling growth momentum in urban sector and its industries, especially real estate, retail and innovation oriented businesses. The most attractive provision in this budget that intends to provide ease of doing business, will definitely promote entrepreneurship skills and more and more future industrialists will emerge and the country’s business growth will tick upwards. And all these targets are surely achievable, since the strong commitment of central government is clearly visible in this budget.

After this budget the consumer sentiments which were earlier subdued are at all time high. Off course now all the stakeholders of the industry are happy and have kept their fingers crossed to witness India achieving double digit growth soon.


(The writer is first generation entrepreneur)



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