What is father called in Sanskrit

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While looking for various Sanskrit names for the word ‘father’, I was stunned to find that the Hindi and Punjabi name for father ‘Baap’ comes directly from Sanskrit. It is so amazing to get to know these many names that can be used for ‘father’.

I hope you would like this list. I will be happy if you would like to comment or offer some feedback on these Sanskrit names.

Some Recommended books for studying Sanskrit:

For the convenience of our readers who can’t read the Devnagiri script, I have provided the transliteration too. If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions, please feel free to write to us through the comment section.

English Sanskrit Transliteration
Father पिता Pitāḥ
Father पितृ Pitṛ
Father जनकः Janakaḥ
Father जननः Jananaḥ
Father जनिता Janitāḥ
Father जनयिता Janayitā
Father जनयितृ Janayitṛ
Father जन्मदः Janmadaḥ
Father तातः Tātaḥ
Father देहकृत् Dehakṛt
Father सम्भूः Sambhūḥ
Father प्रसविता Prasavitā
Father प्रसवितृ Prasavitṛ
Father प्रजावान् Prajāvān
Father प्रजावात् Prajāvāt
Father धाता Dhātā
Father धातृ Dhātṛ
Father वप्ता  Vaptā
Father वप्तृ  Vaptṛ
Father वापः Vāpaḥ



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