Taking the pain out of keeping your car beautiful

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Mobile WashWhat does your car mean to you … is it just a means to an end, a piece of finely engineered art or a mobile extension of your soul?

Next to buying property, your car is one of your most expensive investments, an important asset and a reflection of your image. Driving a dirty car is just not pleasant. It looks terrible and makes you look bad, and worse, pretty lazy. What ever way you view your car, many of us would rather not spend our free time washing our car. Life is just too short, right? Besides, with the drought meaning regulated water usage, there’s no spare water to spare.

The solution is an app away

What if there was a service that came to wherever your car was, whenever you needed it, as you needed it? What if you could just push a few buttons on your cellphone and within 30 minutes a mobile car wash arrives at your car and turns it from a dirty embarrassment into a gleaming, shiny vision of sleek machinery?

Based in Los Angeles, there is a service that does exactly that. MobileWash is a new app-based service available on iOS and Android that does just that.

How it works

You use the app to schedule a car wash or book into the closest linked facility. If you’ve got a car washing emergency, the mobile unit will be with you in 30 minutes. Once you give them access to your car, you can just leave them to it.

What’s more, first time users get a $5 off their first wash. This is a bonus, but not necessary as the service is reasonable with the cheapest (Deluxe) of the two packages starts from $24.99. Prices change according to the make and model of the vehicle. All the packages include cleaning inside and out – car seats, carpets, floor mats are vacuumed, and windows cleaned inside and out, and dashes wiped. On your 5th wash you get a further $5 off.

Environmentally friendly washing

There are other factors to consider … there’s the incredible wastage that comes with conventional carwashes. Some studies have claimed that over 100 gallons of water are used when washing each person’s car. But MobileWash’s eco-friendly, biodegradable waterless car wash helps to save water, especially in these drought stricken times.

The MobileWash mobile app is a brilliant solution that takes the stress out of a weekly task and turns your car from something you feel guilty about, to being the source of pride that it should be.



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