What is a dog called in Sanskrit

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It is very surprising to know that Dog has more than 20 names in Sanskrit! To be frank, I also did not know about them, and came to know only when I thought of creating this post.

Many of them are based on the unique qualities that this ‘best friend of man’ possesses. You will be surprised to know the literal meaning of these names.

Some of course have their etymological origin as the words have in any language.

I have tried to provide the literal meaning of some of these names too but I could not get all the meanings. I have also provided the transliteration in English language so that people who can’t read or understand Devnagiri script could easily know these Sanskrit names of a dog.

Some Recommended books for studying Sanskrit:

If you would like to provide feedback or suggest any meaning, please feel free to write through the comment section.

Sanskrit (Devnagiri) English (Transliteration) Literal Meaning
श्वा Śvā
श्वन् Śvan
कुक्कुरः Kukkuraḥ
कुकुरः Kukuraḥ
शुनकः Śunakaḥ
भषकः Bhaṣakaḥ
मृगदशकः Mṛgadaśakaḥ
वक्रपुच्छः Vakrapucchaḥ Whose tail is distorted
वक्रबालधिः Vakrabāladhiḥ
ललजिव्हः Lalajivhaḥ Whose tongue is lolling
जिव्हालिट् Jivhāliṭ
वृकारिः Vṛkāriḥ
ग्रामसिंहः Grāmsiṁhaḥ Village lion
शीघ्रचेतनः Śīghracetanaḥ Who awakes early
रात्रिजागरः Rātrijāgaraḥ Who keeps awake during night
कृतज्ञः Kṛtajñaḥ Who is grateful
सारमेयः Sārmeyaḥ
वान्तादः Vāntādaḥ
शरत्कामी Śaratkāmī
शवकाम्यः Śavakāmyaḥ
कौलेयकः Kouleyakaḥ



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