CD Review of Love by Peter Kater

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Artist’s Name: Peter Kater
Album Name: Love
Total Time: 71:01

I remember knowing more about Peter through an email interview that I did with him more than five years back. It was an amazing insight into this brilliant musician’s life and passion. I am happy I got the chance to listen to his music again through his new solo album.

The first thing I noticed about this album is the nomenclature of the songs that he picked. The names go so smoothly with the theme of the album–love. It’s a beautiful packaging of every emotion that you can connect with the feeling.

Peter Kater

It’s always difficult to paint so many colors of a single emotion with one musical instrument but Peter has really excelled in this one. As a listener, if you know the theme of the album and the focus of individual songs on a particular feeling, you taste the mood quite quickly.

The title track itself sets the mood right. ‘Love’ is energetic, vibrant, complex but catchy. ‘Innocence’ is moody yet assured and has an inherent rhythm in it. ‘Deeply’, as the name suggests, has shades of the emotion at a deeper level where the sensation is stable, empowered and confident.

I mean as a writer and a self-proclaimed poet, I can find many touch-points which I feel when I listen to this album.

The verdict would be: ‘Thematic, deep, comprehensive and expressive‘.


Track Name Duration
Love 04:23
Innocence 04:02
Deeply 04:44
Intimacy 05:50
Two of Us 06:14
Union 05:46
Mystery 06:39
Safe Haven 06:26
Tenderness 05:51
Eternal Spring 03:05
Turbulence 06:08
Keep Loving You 04:03
Passion 07:50



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