Hindi names of fingers

Fingers Name In Hindi Language

Our hands have five fingers each including thumbs. We have total 10 fingers.

All of them vary in length and also in the diameter, and without doubt, they all have different purposes to perform in our daily routine.

Traditionally, they are used for some particular rituals and practices and that’s why some names are ascribed to them from that angle.

We are providing the Hindi names of fingers from English along with the transliteration so that people who don’t understand the Devanagari script could also understand these names.

If you would like to ask anything regarding the pronunciation of these names, you may write to us through the comment section.

English Hindi Transliteration
Thumb अङ्गूठा Aṅgūṭhā
Forefinger or Index Finger तर्जनी Tarjanī
Middle Finger मध्यमा Madhyamā
Ring Finger अनामिका Anāmikā
Little Finger कनिष्ठा Kaniṣṭhā



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