Hindi names of Planets

In Hindi, planet means Graha (ग्रह–Graha). Hindi names of planets are very interesting because many of the names you hear around you given to people too. Almost all the names of the planets are ascribed to boys and girls in India.

However, it’s handy if you know which one of these names is parallel of which planet and then you can remember them in sequence too.

Though we have provided the Hindi name of Pluto too, it is no longer considered a planet by the scientific community. So, if you are a student and want to answer the names of planets, please exclude Pluto.

Also note that these 9 planets (8 actually) are not similar to the Navagrahas which are worshiped in various Indian rituals.

If you are interested in knowing the pronunciation or anything related to these names, you can write to us through the comment section.

English Hindi Transliteration
Mercury बुध Budha
Venus शुक्र Śukra
Earth पृथ्वी Prithvī
Mars मङ्गल Maṅgala
Jupiter बृहस्पति Bṛhaspati
Saturn शनि Śani
Uranus अरुण Aruṇa
Neptune वरुण Varuṇa
Pluto (Not considered a planet anymore) यम Yama



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