English Poem–When you say nothing at all!

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(Inspired by a song of Anne Trenning)


Listening to this heart-touching music, while sitting on my feet leaning against a wall in my small room, I embark on an inward journey.

I enter a huge building with very large walls. A corridor leads me towards something unknown as I walk along unmindful, but marveling the structure with a childlike innocence.

Suddenly, a brown-colored entrance presents itself before me and I have an urge to open it and barge in.

With a mixed feeling of curiosity and surprise, I slowly open the gate, and what wonder my eyes just catch!

The most-desired wish of my heart, my celebrated God sits on the throne at an elevated altar. He wears the most beautiful white-robe and throws a smile at me.

The floor is invisible and is covered with dense veil of white smoke.

It was He who carried me to this plane of existence on the wings of the music. I, somehow, am not able to control my own smile too. Filled with inexpressible joy, I stare in utter disbelief whether this is a dream or the entire life is a dream.

There is no conversation. We both know that the deepest desires are expressed ‘when you say nothing at all’.

This experience is the best that I ever had in my life.

It is fluid. It is poetical. It is musical. It is beyond everything.



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