English poem–Worthy of testing

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May I get the poke from every element like balls from the cue stick, and may I fall in the pocket where I am ready to be picked by you.

In this way, you will score and secure me, my Lord. On this table of worldly billiards, the collision with friendly and unfriendly conditions has baffled me.

Let every feeble stroke of wind ignite in me the power of singing like the bellows fuel the fire in a furnace.

May the songs sprout inside me like the gushing water of a geothermal geyser. There has been a drought, and the bliss-fountain, dormant for long.

Even if you plan this life to be full of betrayals, just insert a moment where I see you with at least a limited understanding of your majesty.

My Lord, there seems to be almost nothing worthwhile except the realization that you were there, and this is more than enough.

Though I admit that I did not pass any trial that you made me go through, yet there is a feeling of accomplishment that I was considered worthy of testing.



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