English poem–The Dreamer

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(Inspired by a song of Suellen Primost)


The surrounding is deep, blue and light-filled.

Like the side-view of a two-dimensional picture, I can see myself inside a transparent well. With closed eyes and lotus postured, I feel like enjoying the depth of this aquatic setting. I seem to be meditating on the very scene in which I am already there.

The fluid acts like a container that allows me to remain un-wet.

I am able to see myself in this position because I made the necessary efforts to do so. I venture out; I roam around the outside world; I indulge and learn the lessons; and with utmost conscious efforts, come to realize that I am always there where I am.

There is a wide array of entanglements germinating the threads of further connections, yet far from this clutching phenomenon, I sit in a peaceful manner, free from everything.

I learn to detach myself from the very thing that tells me the definition of attachment.

I go out. I move around. I do a lot of things. Yet, I see myself sitting in that secure container, unaffected and unruffled.



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