English poem–Paradigm Shift

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The life appears to be monumental and gigantic, yet it’s a process that changes every second on the wheel of time.

The whole world appears to be a gross reality of what was and what will be, yet it’s absent during the unique phase of sleep.

Everything in this world suffers the onslaught of change, yet change is the only constant.

‘Exceptions are always there’; yet the goal of life demands certainty of conviction to be the stepping-stone.

From credence to conjecture, from self-prudence to overheard-lecture, my wanderlust has allowed me to taste various prepositions.

It’s this and it’s that too!

Every fleeting moment, my paradigm shifts from peace to chaos; from pleasing demeanor to rude put-offs.

Help me find the middle path, my Lord. Let me enjoy the extremities but be established in the mediocrity.

Let me be in the middle of the stream that flows brimming with your grace and not simply marvel it from the corners alongside the shores.



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