English poem–Krishna Connection!

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Okay, let’s assume that all this is done. Let’s talk about future. Let’s try to imagine what would be instead of what is.

Of course, you know it already because you have designed it, but let’s play this imaginative game, my Lord. Let’s talk like old pals, sitting around a campfire in distant woods where the soft winds bring us the aquatic tidings of the nearby river.

So, what it would be when I finish all this drama and return to my origin? What it would be like?

Would there be mornings and evenings? I mean would there be routines and schedules and agendas? If yes; would there be missions, tasks, and projects?

Would there be geometry and algebra? I mean would there be forms and shapes and calculations? If yes; would there be profits, margins, losses, and prices?

Would there be diseases and cures? I mean would there be professions, expertise, and skills? If yes; would there be competition, appreciation, and failure?

I mean, tell me. Describe to me what it would be like.

“Fear not. There will be me.”

“And wherever I am, there is everything.”

“So, don’t worry. I don’t belong to a place where you will return. Instead, you will return to me. You will return to my consciousness. You will realize that all the while, you and I were one. I never sent you here and I am not simply available when you look towards the sky. I have always been ‘you’. It was always me who underwent everything that was again planned by me only.”

“The day you realize this fully, you will return to yourself!”



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