English poem–If I defeat myself, I win

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I am engaged in a fierce battle with myself, all the time. The moment I defeat myself, I win.

Like the fire that consumes the very fuel that gave it birth, my self wants to consume me. All the while, the struggle burns and burns very hot.

Like the sea that continuously oversteps the very shores that impart it a distinct identity, my self wants to cross over the boundaries set by me. All the while, the exploit grows and grows very furious.

I am my biggest limitation; the hardest hurdle; the worst enemy.

I am the one who took birth and I am the one who would liberate myself. Yet, I am the one responsible for my bondage.

Since ages, I have waged this fight to come out of myself.

I unremittingly recite the mantra ‘I am that I am’, yet what limits me is called Vivek Kumar.



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